Monday, August 10, 2009

Family Friendly Dining with Adult Sophistication? Can it be True? Flatbread Community Oven in Bend, Oregon has it ALL.

Family Dining Flatbread Community Oven Bend OregonFamily Friendly Dining with Adult Sophistication? Can it be True? Flatbread Community Oven in Bend Oregon has it ALL.

Let’s face it, it’s not too often that you find a family friendly restaurant with adult sophistication. Flatbread Community Oven in Bend, Oregon’s Old Mill District is a refreshing update in family friendly dining. According to Lisa Lumsden, President and CFO, “The creation of FCO (Flatbread Community Oven) came from an understanding of the lack of an upscale yet very approachable, high quality, healthy and community focused pizzeria, where families, professionals, and friends could all gather and be comfortable.” I for one believe she accomplished just that.

One Personal and Surprising Experience in Bend Oregon Family Friendly Dining

A few weeks back, a friend and I took our kids out to bike the Old Mill Trail Loop. Once back at the Old Mill, against our better judgment, we decided to take 2 four year olds and two infants out to lunch. My friend suggested Flatbread Community Oven. I had never been there and was looking forward to trying something new. Upon entering the busy restaurant, I could feel my stress levels slightly rising as the atmosphere did anything but shout, “FAMILY FRIENDLY.” I began mentally preparing myself for a fight to the finish.

Wine at Flat Bread Community Oven Family Friendly DiningMan, was I surprised. The wait staff was friendly, quick and engaging with the kids. Best of all, the Make Your Own Pizzas! We ordered the kids each a Make Your Own Pepperoni Pizza. Shortly after, placed in front of both kids, is a plate with pizza dough, cups with sauce, pepperoni and cheese. After independently decorating their pizzas and a good portion of the table, the two boys went with the waiter up to the Pizza bar to watch their creation placed into the 900 degree wood fired-oven. This process took up most of the “is my food coming yet, how much loooonger,” portion of the meal. AND, they happily ate the pizza when it returned.

Now for the Adult Friendly Description

The atmosphere inside Flatbread Community Oven is trendy and sophisticated. The menu items are more reminiscent of upscale dining than family friendly pizza joint. The restaurant has an adult only Wine Bar where you can get wine by the glass bottle or flight. The patio seating overlooking the Deschutes River is a great place to unwind with a glass of wine and enjoy the fresh, flavorful creations Flatbread Community Oven has to offer. If you’re free on Wednesday nights you can enjoy live music. They sum it up well with their tag line “FUN WINE, FINE PIE.”

All in all we left Flatbread Community Oven fully relaxed, satisfied and full. If you’re moving to Bend, new to Bend or a long time resident and haven’t yet tried Flat Bread Community Oven in the Old Mill District hop on in for an Adults only meal or and enjoyable Family Friendly Dining Experience. Your kids may not remember the name but they will ask, “Can we go to that place where I make my own pizza again?”

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