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Bend Oregon Real Estate Market Statistics - Homes Sold in Bend Oregon by Area in August 2009

Bend Oregon Real Estate Market Statistics - Homes Sold in Bend Oregon by Area in August 2009

You know you live in Bend when you reference every location with a NE, NW, SE or SW. Based on these locations her is where are homes selling in Bend, Oregon and what are the sales prices are based on location?

Homes Sold in August 2009 in Bend Oregon
NE Bend = 42
NW Bend = 43
SW Bend = 28
SE Bend = 29

60% of all homes sold in Bend were in the North end of Bend with the East / West difference being minimal both on the North and the South side.

Active Listings - Where are the Homes for Sale in Bend Oregon?
NE Bend = 272
NW Bend = 397
SW Bend = 269

SE Bend = 262

Again, NW Bend takes the lead for total homes on the market with the NE, SW and SE sections of town virtually even.

What are Homes Selling for in each area of Bend? As no surprise NW Bend comes in with the highest sales price. However, median home sales and minimum home sales are close across town.

Sales Price for Homes Sold in August 2009

Minimum Median Maximum
NE Bend $89,000 $150,000 $225,000
NW Bend $93,000 $375,000 $1,400,000
SE Bend $100,000 $232,500 $785,000
SW Bend $109,900 $275,000 $925,000

Bend's Quadrants

For my readers who are thinking about moving to Bend or unfamiliar with the layout, the town is divided into four quadrants.

The East / West dividing line is Hwy 97 (The Bend Parkway).

The North / South dividing line is a little more confusing. Starting on the East side of Bend the divider is Hwy 20 which turns into NE Greenwood then NW Greenwood as you are nearing and passing under the Bend Parkway (Hwy 97). Then just as you're leaving downtown Bend it turns into NW Newport Ave. and again turns into NW Shevlin Park Rd as you continue to head West.

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