Monday, December 7, 2009

Text 'Google' on Your Mobile Phone for Directions, Weather or Random Facts

Text 'Google' on Your Mobile Phone for Directions, Weather or Random Facts. If you're out and about and either don't have a web browser on your phone or don't want to use it just text message Google and Google will text you back the answer.

First enter GOOGLE or the number 466453 as the recipentText Google

Second, ask Google your question.

Find Local Businesses - Text: Business name and zip code or city (Example: Sushi 97701)

Weather - Text: Weather zip code (Example: Weather 97701)

Sports Scores - Text: Score Team Name (Example: Score Broncos)

Directions - Text: Starting Address to Destination Address (Example: 97701 to 23185) directions can be as general as zip codes or full street address to full street address.

Stocks - Text: Stock and Ticker Number (Example: Stock GOOG)

Random Facts - Text: Any Question (Example: How long do I cook a turkey?)

There is no charge to use the texting Google service, except the normal charges your cell phone provider charges you to send a text. More texting Google options.

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