Thursday, February 4, 2010

If Prineville wasn't a fan of Facebook is sure is now! Facebook is breaking ground on a new Data Center in Central Oregon.

If Prineville wasn't a fan of Facebook is sure is now!  Facebook is breaking ground on a new Data Center in Central Oregon.   The Bend Bulletin reported, "Enterprise zone lured Facebook to Prineville."  A Prineville Enterprising zone which allows the Facebook data center to operate without paying local taxes is cited as one of the prime reasons for Facebook selecting Prineville as the new home for it's Data Center.

The Data Center will be approximately 147,000 sqft on 124 acres of land owned by Facebook.  Although the Facebook Data Center in Central OregonFacebook Data Center in Prineville will be excused from paying local taxes, it will still be largely contributing to the local economy.  Facebook will be paying around $27,000 in property taxes, a $110,000 annual Community fee to Crook County and Prineville, as well as a franchise fee from Facebook power bill to the county.  The Data Center will be built on only 30 acres of the 124 acres purchased by Facebook, leaving room for expansion.

Most importantly the construction of the data center is bringing jobs to Central Oregon!  According to the Bulletin article, Facebook is planing on primarily hiring local for the approximately 200 workers needed to build the facility.  Once the construction is completed, there will be approximately 35 permanent jobs.  Facebook is required as part of the Enterprise Zone agreement to keep an average of 35 jobs paying 150% of the county's average annual wage for 15 years. The current unemployment rate in Crook County is 17.4%, the creation of any jobs will help.

The Data Center will fit in well in Central Oregon with their efforts to keep the facility GREEN. Facebook plans on using wind power along with striving to reach LEED standards.  For more information on the new Facebook Data Center in Central Oregon.... 

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